Lysebotn is a wonderful place, with nature so powerful that even the greatest can feel small at the foot of the steep mountains. Located right by the ferry port, the colourful Lysefjorden Lodge is a great base for both short and long hikes.

Below are some of our recommended hikes, and more informaton can be found at ut.no (most of the information on this page is in Norwegian). Stavanger Turistforening (STF) also organises group hikes, both in the area of ​​Lysefjorden and other nearby locations.

Longer hikes around the Lysefjord


Kjerag, with it’s 1000 vertical meters down towards the Lysefjord, has become known all across the world. Hikers, climbers, basejumpers – they are all being drawn to this magnificent place. The terrain is tough and demanding, but when you finally reach Kjerag, you get payed by a stunning view. And if you are tough enough, the famous Kjeragsbolten, the Kjerag boulder, is waiting for you!

Hiking description (in Norwegin and English) on UT.no

See panoramic photos at Panorama, Virtual Norge


Make time to visit the small, vacated village of Flørli which can only be reached by boat! You can use Lysebotn as a base, and take a daytrip to this little pearl of a village, or you can spend a night at Flørli Tourist Station. The circuit track at Flørli will take you on a tour around the village, and also give you the opportunity to walk 700 steps in the staircase along the old hydropower pipe. Those who feel like taking on a bigger challenge, with even more amazing views – can conquer 4444 wooden steps, all the way to the top by the reservoir.

Lysefjorden Circuit

If you have several days to spare, and wish to experience as many of the attractions in the area of the Lysefjord as you can, then this is the hike for you! By taking the complete circuit hike around the Lysefjord you get to visit Preikestolen, Kjerag, Lysebotn and many of the Stavanger Trekking Association’s (Stavanger Turistforening) cabins and you will be left with an unforgettable hiking experience. 

Hiking description (in Norwegian and English) on UT.no

Shorter walks around Lysebotn


Start by the dock, walk along the beach, and up the river. A perfect place for picnic! If you want, you can prolong your hike by passing the fence by the camping and out on the road for a circuit hike, or follow the path onwards and up towards Tjodan power station, over the river and to a picnic place.

Map and description on UT.no (Norwegian language only)


The chapel of Lyse have occasionally open during the summer months. From the chapel, you can continue on car road for about a hundred meters, before you take off on a marked and well-facilitated path. This path will take you over to the farm of Hauane. Onwards you can continue on the road back to the chapel. This is a circuit hike for about 1 hour.

Map and description on UT.no (Norwegian language only)


From the end of the car road in the innermost end of Lysebotn, you can follow a marked trail along the river. After a while at this path you get to a small bridge where you can cross the river, and follow it back to the village on the other side. This is a circuit hike for about 1 hour.

Map and description on UT.no (Norwegian language only)

Longer walks in Lysebotn


The marked trail starts by the road between Lyse and Tangen, approximately midway between these places. Follow the path towards Grautheller for a while, and then take off south to the mountain of Jenafjell, which is located 800 meters above the sea. The first part of the track follow the old Skinnvei, which people used for transport between lyse and Valle in Setesdal. From the top of the mountain of Jenafjell, there’s an amazing view. This hike takes about 4-5 hours.

Map and description on UT.no (Norwegian language only)


The marked track starts from the road near the innermost farms at Lyse. Shortly therafter, you will reach Kaldahålå (“the cold hole”). Continue uphill on a small track (follow the red marks) to Kongesteinen ("The King's Stone). The stone has, according to the old myth, been the resting spot for a former Viking chief on his journey eastward. Just beside Kongesteinen there is a great canyon where you just about can peek down to the bottom of the waterfall, called “Tangakjelen”. This round trip takes about 1 hour.

Map and description on UT.no (Norwegian language only)


The marked track starts by the road between Lysebotn and Sirdal. It runs through a hilly landscape, but after a while you can see the distinctive view down towards Middagsjuvet (the “Dinner canyon”) and Lyse, almost 700 meters below you. The name Middagsjuvet and Middagskjerringå come from the ca 30 meters high stone pillar in the middle of the canyon. When the sun stands directly above the pillar, it was 12 o’clock, and dinner time at the old farms in Lyse. The hike to and from this canyon takes about 1.5-2 hours.

Map and description on UT.no (Norwegian language only)

Mountains for children

If you have a couple of days to spare, Lysebotn is a great place to start for a mountain hike to one or several of the cabins belonging to Stavanger Turistforening (STF). The cabins of




are located in a child friendly area with many possibilities for fishing. Both of this cabin also contain food supply. You can order a cab service to take you back and forth along the construction road, from Lysefjorden Turisthytte. From the construction road it is a 2 hours hike to Stakken, and 3-4 hours to Nilsebu.