menu 2019

Panini with chicken, gouda cheese and homemade pesto       

Panini with salami, gouda cheese and homemade tomato sauce                                                                       

Soup of the day with bread (tomato or cauliflower)                                                                       

Homemade meat and potato stew with flatbread                                                                           

Chicken salad with pasta, cherry tomatoes homemade tomato pesto, croutons and parmesan cheese, ask for the vegetarian option

Hamburger with homemade barbeque sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onions, cucumber,homemade aioli and cheese.

Served with baked potatoes, ask for the vegetarian option

*Chicken casserole with vegetables in a creamy red curry and mango chutney sauce. Served with rice and Nan bread

*Chickpeas in coconut and red curry sauce (vegan)                                                                                          

* Salmon with root vegetables, baked potatoes and fennel sauce                  

Alternatively with cucumber salad and sour cream on request

* Chuck beef with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a mustard sauce

* Evening only

Snack to your coffee or tea

Home made chockolate coockies

Freshly made waffles with jams 

Croissants with jam

Wiener bread

Dessert and cakes

Homemade panacotta with berries / fruit 

Freshly made waffles with ice cream and berries 

Chef Anne's chocolate cake (gluten free and vegan)