transport to/from Lysebotn

If you want to visit Lysebotn, you can travel by bus, car or ferry. We recommend that you always book a place on the boats, even if you travel without a car. Please note that there is no gas station in Lysebotn! On our parking lot there are two charging stations for electric cars. Charging is also possible at Kjerag parking.

stavanger - lysebotn with boat and bus

Travel tips:

There are no boats directly from Stavanger to Lysebotn. You will have to catch the train or bus from Stavanger to Sandnes and from Sandnes catch the bus to Lauvvik. Another option is to take the bus from Stavanger to Solbakk terminal (through the world-record long underwater tunnell), and from there bus to Forsand (Pelle's) and boat from Forsand to Lysebotn.

There is a direct express bus from Stavanger to Kjerag.

It is also possible to catch a bus from Stavanger to Preikestolen parking, do the hike to Preikestolen and catch Pelle's bus to Forsand in the afternoon. Please note that there may be delays in the summer.

Pulpit Rock Tours - connecting Sandnes, Stavanger, Preikestolen and Forsand

Preikestolen Express Bus (roundtrip from Stavanger)

Remember that there may be delays on the boats, espesially to Forsand Monday - Friday afternoon and Friday and Sunday evening. Pelle's bus will wait for the boats to arrive. 

Remember to book tickets for Pelle's, the high speed boat and the tourist ferry in advance

High speed boat

Booking page for high speed boat in the Lysefjord - remember to book a ticket!

Timetable high speed ferry

For other calls, see the timetable.

Tourist ferry

Booking page for the tourist ferry in the Lysefjord - remember to book a ticket!

Timetable tourist ferry

Please note that it is possible to hike from Refså Quay to Preikestolen parking  - 1,5 hours


Pelle's bus (June 2021: cancelled due to Covid-19)

Bus from Lysebotn to Kjerag parking

Bus Kolumbus (Stavanger - Solbakk - Jørpeland)​​​​​​​

Bus Kolumbus (Sandnes - Lauvvik ferry port)

Timetable Stavanger-Solbakk (Kolumbus bus)

App for tickets at Kolumbus bus

Pelle's bus Solbakk-Forsand

Bus to Preikestolen parking

Transport in Lysbotn

Shuttle bus from Lysebotn to Øygardstøl (Kjerag Parking). Timetable and booking online.

If you need transportation to Fyljesdalen or Nilsebudammen, please contact SBK Base, tel 984 44 159. 

By car

Google maps

Beware that there is no road connection on the north side of the Lysefjord. Ie. it is NOT possible to drive from Preikestolen via Songesand to Lysebotn without taking a boat. There is only one road connection to Lysebotn and it is Fv500 from Øvre Sirdal.

Remember to check the timetable from/to Songesand, Lauvvik and Forsand, and to make reservations for the ferries.

Tourist ferry 

High speed ferry